The European Commission has selected nine Catalan companies to invest in their innovation projects in areas such as smart textiles, renewable energies, healthcare innovation and ICT.

The Catalan SMEs that will receive funds are Physicaltech, Agroptima, FemmeFleur, MTSystem, Intranetum, My- qup, Atmosferia Projects, Camina Labs, and Aliter Group Renovables. In total, 189 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from 24 countries have been selected for funding in the latest round of the H2020 SME Instrument. These are the results of the third cut-off of the SME Instrument Phase 1 this year, for which EASME received 1.938 project proposals from 40 countries.


Each project will receive €50.000 to finance feasibility studies for new products that can disrupt the market. The Commission will allocate €9.1 million in total for this cut-off. The next cut-off for Phase 1 is 9 November 2016.

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