ADiBAS Posture

It is common to use the clinical evaluation of the patient’s posture from the observation. Scientific studies show that the reliability of visual inspection is very weak. To resolve this problem, measurement tools are required.

  • May I measure clinically the vertebral spine without any X-ray?
  • How can I measure one or more joints accurately and quickly?
  • How can I assess the changes achieved after the treatment?

There are measurement tools used in the health sector, especially in physiotherapy, to measure the joint angles or the posture in general:

  • Devices such as the goniometer or the plumb are inefficient to measure the position are inefficient to measure the posture;
  • Software that use digital photography. These software measure in 2D, but the human body is three dimensional, and this reduce accuracy;
  • Tools based on multicamera systems where a very large facilities are required to place a multitude of video cameras. They are tools of good validity but extraordinarily complex and very expensive;
  • The radiology considered as "gold standard" present the inconvenience of being an unsafe system, selective in its analysis, and requires a suitable facilities for its location; something quite unusual in the traditional physiotherapy centers.

The professional looks for measurement tools which are non-invasive, reliable and inexpensive. ADiBAS Posture is the solution.

Both children and adults can have posture alterations. Poor posture may be the cause of the joint and muscle pain, specially in the back. The postural assessment allows us to know the body deformities and asymetries.

ADIBAS posture is the best solution to analize the 3D posture in an automatic, safe and reliable way. The platform uses the depth map technology obtained from the Kinect™ camera. Data provided by the software determine the angles and the distances of the body, according to the requirements of the user. Furthermore, the system allows you to quantify the Cobb angle of the spine column.

The accuracy of the measurement results are excellent, which makes ADiBAS a reliable tool for the clinical body measurement and the range-of-motion measurement.

As with any medical examination (x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, etc..), your Patient / customer will leave the office with a report with pictures of the posture and the results of the measurements with a comment. This report may be given to the doctor to discuss the need to carry out a treatment adapted to the patient's problem.

From the postural assessment of ADIBAS Posture, the professional can keep track of the treatment from the changes which occurred after the therapy. Also, the patient will understand better what is his/her problem and what is the best solution to relieve his/her pain and improve his/her deformity.

Your investment is minimal. You will quickly amortise the purchase of the product because you will be able to incorporate a new service in your business. In addition, technological systems are very attractive to attract new customers. Abibas will differentiate you from the competitors.

ADiBAS Posture is in several languages ​​(Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) and has a built-in software to assist you in all what you need.


Excellent accuracy for the clinical analysis. It has been demonstrated by Scientific studies about validity and reliability. Use it as a measuring tool for research.


You can amortize it quickly integrating it as a new service for your customers. Stand out from the competition and get new customers.


Excellent cost-benefit ratio . You just need a Kinect ™ camera and the software. It has two versions to suit your needs.


Using the function "Create Protocol", you can quickly see the results, reducing the time required to perform a postural assessment.


It has many features that you can configure according to your interests.


The software has been designed and implemented by computer engineers and physiotherapists. We have thought about making the difficult easy. we have thought about you.


It can be used by any person because the platform does not emit harmful radiation. No matter if the patient is a child, an elderly person, or a pregnant woman.


Optionally and for greater accuracy, you can place adhesive markers on the patient's skin. The rest of the process is performed automatically

A computer application supported by Microsoft, the University of Barcelona and Computer Vision Center of Barcelona. We do make a difference in our field. Check the enormous possibilities of the platform by downloading the free DEMO version.